Friend of GNOME Amazon store


Because of the Operating agreement of Amazon affiliates [1] the
firefox extension [2] which makes gnome automatically a referrer is

1) It cannot overwrite existing referrers. (E.g. the search box in
firefox makes mozilla the referrer on windows and in ubuntu canonical
is the referrer)
2) It cannot put referrers in if the user is already on the amazon site

Number 1 we can over come by asking people to install an amazon gnome
search engine and remove the other search engine, but I think that's
cumbersome for most users.
Does anybody know if you can replace search engines from a firefox extension?

Another idea could be to open Friend of GNOME amazon store. I've made
one as an example on
If we motivate people to use that store to buy their books, dvds,
computers etc. the foundation can also raise significant money.

What do you think of this?



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