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(I changed the subject because I think while this is a fundraising activity, it's not necessarily part of Friends of GNOME. I did create a Facebook group for Friends of GNOME. What Roberto is creating is a "Cause" not a group - Causes are meant for disseminating information and collect donations for non-profits.)

Roberto is creating a GNOME Cause on Facebook like the Debian Cause:

It will be a place to find out information about GNOME, the GNOME Foundation and to show support for GNOME. We can fill in the information section with whatever we want - Roberto has filled in information from our website and our 2009 goals from the Friends of GNOME page. We can also start discussions and post to the wall.

It also has the option to allow people to donate to the GNOME Foundation directly from the Facebook Cause page. (Roberto, does this go to Paypal?)

I think this is good as it's a way to reach a new audience with information about what GNOME is. Thoughts?


On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 6:58 AM, Roberto Galoppini <roberto galoppini gmail com> wrote:
2009/1/13 Roberto Galoppini <roberto galoppini gmail com>:
> 2009/1/13 Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>:
>> Awesome, Andreas. Thanks. I was thinking we could show these on the screen
>> after people have donated, saying here's a badge for your website.
> Maybe the support GNOME one could be used by users who want to help
> just spreading the word?
> Debian has launched a Debian cause on FB, we might run similar
> initiatives and use it.

I created a draft of the "Support GNOME" Cause on FB using the Causes
application.I asked Stormy some hints and feedback and I am sure it
still needs some tweaking (maybe a different logo, or the text, etc).

Roberto Galoppini
skype: r.galoppini

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