Re: GNOME Amazon stores up and running

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 2:52 PM, Andre Klapper<ak-47 gmx net> wrote:
> Am Montag, den 31.08.2009, 00:10 +0100 schrieb Alberto Ruiz:
>> 2009/8/30 Jaap A. Haitsma <jaap haitsma org>:
>> >
>> I wonder if it's worth publicizing so outdated books, buying those
>> would be a total waste of time.
> +1.
> Also, when I go to and click all
> available 8 items, I get the following message for 5 of them:
> "This item is not available for purchase from this store.
> Click here to go to Amazon to see other purchasing options."
> Is that intended?

I would dare to guess that the 'GNOME Books' and 'GNOME Laptops' are
merely categories that we created of selected products.
I really like the 'GNOME Laptops' category.

So, indeed, we need a call for more books related to GNOME, and more
laptops that come with GNOME software.

1. Create a wiki page such as

I created the page and added initial text.

2. We need to go through the books and check
a. they are not out of print
b. they are relevant to GNOME (could be peripheral to GNOME), such as
It would make sense to follow the format at
which has the name of the person promoting the book, and a rational
why it is relevant to GNOME.

3. Regarding the laptops, we want Linux laptops.
What is missing is to investigate whether we can call GNOME laptops
those laptops that come with Linpus Linux or Xandros Linux.
Are there based on core GNOME technologies? At least GTK+ apps?

4. I can also see other products apart from books, laptops. If someone
knows something, they might fit as well.


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