Banner request for GNOME Journal

Hi - the GNOME Journal team is working hard to get a new edition out
since the last edition of GNOME Journal was published in December,

We've got some great articles lined up, and we are hoping to build
some excitement around the release, and hopefully recruit some new
members to the team and publish on a much more frequent schedule.  We
believe that GNOME Journal can help play an important role in
marketing GNOME, as well as sharing information about the upcoming
GNOME 3.0 release next year.

As part of building some excitement around the next release of GNOME
Journal which we are targeting late May or early June, I was hoping a
member of the marketing team might create a banner for us that we can
use on our blogs and websites to spread the news of new edition of
GNOME Journal.

If anyone has time or interest in working on it, the help would be
greatly appreciated.



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