Re: Revamping Friends of GNOME: help with web page text

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
Stormy Peters wrote:
Thoughts? Anyone willing to help with the web page?
Kalle Persson and myself want to look into the design of this during the weekend.
Here are the designs Kalle and I did:

We were uncertain about some details, such as if it was only the "Adopt a Hacker" level that was monthly, plus some other stuff that I can't remember right now (do you Kalle?). As the hippies we are, we also took the liberty to not follow the specification specifically. ;) Hrm, no, seriously, we mostly rearranged some stuff and we hope it came out for the better.

There is also a svg with all the elements in it here if anyone wants to modify it:

We can fix the html and css for this unless someone else eagerly wants to do it (I recall some e-mail about this, but I can't seem to find it now). Not sure what's easiest.
- Andreas

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