Re: GNOME Mug Update

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
Lucas Rocha wrote:
Hi all,

As you probably know, the GNOME Foundation gives some nice gifts to
our donators. A GNOME coffee mug is given to people who donate between
$50.00 - $249.99 (the "Benefactor" contribution level). For more
information see the Friend of GNOME page at:

So, we're running out of mugs and we thought that this is a good time
to renew its design. We could make a really nice, beautiful and funny
mug design.

Some initial ideas:

  - "GNOME Milk" (With a white cow full of black GNOME foot marks)
- "GNOME: the official desktop of happy people" (with the usual smiley)
  - "Fuel for GNOME Hacking" (Coffee Bean with a GNOME Foot)

Any other ideas?
Out of the three I liked the idea of fuel best.
A gnome logo in combination with a heart symbol is nice too. GNOME is love!
One thing I thought of is a happy little garden gnome sitting in his garden in a rocking chair looking out at a gnome-sun sunrise slipping up from the mountains, sipping tea from his gnome logo mug.
I would like to veto all use of garden gnomes. :)

The sun sets on the garden gnome, and he slowly vanishes into the magic either.

Sorry, I've got gnomes and leprechauns on the brain because of St. Patrick's day coming up soon :)


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