Re: GNOME Mug Update

Lucas Rocha wrote:
Hi all,

As you probably know, the GNOME Foundation gives some nice gifts to
our donators. A GNOME coffee mug is given to people who donate between
$50.00 - $249.99 (the "Benefactor" contribution level). For more
information see the Friend of GNOME page at:

So, we're running out of mugs and we thought that this is a good time
to renew its design. We could make a really nice, beautiful and funny
mug design.

Some initial ideas:

  - "GNOME Milk" (With a white cow full of black GNOME foot marks)
  - "GNOME: the official desktop of happy people" (with the usual smiley)
  - "Fuel for GNOME Hacking" (Coffee Bean with a GNOME Foot)

Any other ideas?

One thing I thought of is a happy little garden gnome sitting in his garden in a rocking chair looking out at a gnome-sun sunrise slipping up from the mountains, sipping tea from his gnome logo mug.


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