Technical (sort of) help with the release notes


DO NOT STOP READING: This is not about writing them! (although appreciated :)

I'd like some (mostly) technical help with the 2.22 release notes.

1. I'd like the release notes to build like it does on library.go.
Meaning: index.html.en,, etc. This so Apache can be used
to serve the right language automatically.

Note: the index.html or index.html.en should contain the translated 'C'
version, if available.

Could this be changed. Ideally the html files should reference the image
as filename.png.$LANG (I think library.go just links to filename.png).

2. The build uses some gnome-doc-utils.make. If I switch it to the one
on the system (/usr/share/gnome-doc-utils/gnome-doc-utils.make), it
fails to work. That is gdu version 0.11.2. Could it somehow use the
newer gdu? Oh, and seems it really wants a png in the C/figures
directory. I had to place a file there otherwise it failed to build.

Could it use the system one?

3. The CSS needs a small amount of work. I don't want to break the rest
of however (or older release notes). Not sure what changes
I could do safely.

4. Ideally I'd like these release notes just to reside in library.go.
However, library.go should then understand 'SVN'. Would it be possible
to move all existing release notes in some SVN module? I'm thinking of Not sure how to
deal with versioning though (branches maybe..  with library.go support
for branches?).

Note: I don't care above #4. It might be easier as you could reuse
library.go logic instead of adding that to gnomeweb-wml. I do like to
have this solved for the 2.24 release notes.

Could you please assist with one of above tasks? Many thanks!


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