Re: Signing off our target audience (was Re: Example of targetted release notes)


Quim Gil wrote:
> Probably nobody feels too attracted to go again through the kind of
> same debate we are having after each release.

For me the discussion is over - we have three primary products, the
desktop, the platform and our applications. We must have different
strategies for these.

For the platform, our target is ISDs - this covers a broad range of
people from free software developers creating GNOME applications
(including parts of thhe GNOME desktop) to projects like Maemo,
OpenMoko, OLPC, to third party software vendors like VMWare, Adobe, and
toolkits which use GTK+ for their linux windowing (Eclipse's toolkit, via Novell, XUL).

For the desktop, we need to concentrate on 2 markets, IMHO - public
administrations (governments, states, local government) - we can do
effective outreach here by focussing on things that are important to
them - interoperability, freedom, ability to get support from local IT
companies/experts. And yes, distributions (but then, what can we do
there? Increase our visibility? Work better to identify their needs,
possible areas of collaboration, ...?)

And for applications (the public face of GNOME) we can focus on early
adopters & hobbyists - get GNOME applications ported to Windows on cover
CDs, get LiveCDs shipped with magazines, get articles in hobbyist
magazines, etc. We need to revitalise our user groups and empower them
to do local outreach (both to governments and hobbyists).

> Proposal to the Marketing Team (yes, upper case):
> - Let's discuss, agree and sign off our target audience for the 2.20
> release.

Let's avoid more discussion on the issue, and concentrate on promotion
and outreach for 2.20.


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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