Hi marketing-list,

Phil has sent a draft for http://gnome.jardigrec.eu/en/about-1/foundation

Please send suggestions for improvement and keep him CCed.

I like the overview. The purpose of the Foundation would be probably
clearer if we would provide specific examples of actions done by the
Foundation: GUADEC, server inbfrastructure, WSOP...

I think this page is a good candidate for having a diagram showing the
structure of the GNOME Foundation, which is simpler to draw than that
organigram of the whole GNOME project.

A box in the column about joining the foundation, with direct link?

In an ideal world we would be publishing Foundation news in
news.gnome.org and then a feed would be provided here.

All in all I think itäs a good draft to start with. Thanks Phil!

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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