Re: Starting Chicago Gnome User Group

I think OLS is in Canada right?  It's close to Michigan but probably
a little too far for most other people.  There is one held in Detroit
I believe that Jorge actively participates in, Penguicon I believe.
I agree that having a GNOME conference is probably a bit too much.
We aren't that big.

Realizing that most people are like me and won't search the mailing list for a list of conferences, I started a wiki page for conferences and for people to sign up to organize a GNOME booth at said conferences. It's sparse right now, but it still is there.

Here's my plug for Ohio Linux Fest too. It's gonna rock. Last year we broke the 1000 person barrier and had live nude penguins (jackass penguins at that!). We could use some GNOMErs to help me work the booth and do some talks at the conference. In particular, lots of people liked bling, so if someone wants to do a talk called "Beautifully Simple Bling", that would rock my world.


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