plug for Ohio LinuxFest -- This Saturday

Hiya Folks,

This Saturday is the annual Ohio LinuxFest[1] in scenic Columbus, Ohio.
We're expecting over 1,000 geeks of differing skill levels to be in
attendance.  Also in attendance will be GNOME, as a dot-org sponsor of
the fest.  We've got a little table and we're getting a box full of
goodies from the foundation to showcase new hotness in GNOME (AIGLX
bling in fedora etc).

We're still open to ideas on how best to present the project to everyone
and what other things we should be doing.  For people who have done
similar things before, is the best way to get people to try it by
burning GNOME only live CDs or handing out full distro stuff (there will
be scads of Ubuntu CDs available)?  Do fliers help?  Or do they just get
recycled?  Anyone have ideas on which of the posters available from might work the best to showcase stuff?

I feel like I have this largely under control, but as always,
experiences from those who have done footwork marketing would be
appreciated.  Also, if you're on the list and attending and would like
to help let me know (it's not too late to register, it's free!).


Patrick Wagstrom


Ohio LinuxFest 2006 - September 30, 2006 
Columbus, OH, USA -

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