WGO Revamp: Look and Feel

Hi everybody,

So I have a quick mockup that I did a couple weeks ago that I just uploaded to the wiki:


What I'm trying to explore more than looks/style right now is feel:

* visual layout - how best to place banner, how and where to place navigation * functionality - what functionality is planned for the site and how will it appear to users?

I must admit here that I have not been following the list as closely as I would have liked to, so forgive me if I've missed already-discussed details - Here are some questions I have going forward:

* How happy are we with top-level navigation on the wiki [1]? Should I go ahead and use the following headings in mockups:
** about
** download
** support
** community
** contribute
** development
** contact

* Based off of the wiki CMS Requirements page [2], I'm going to include the following features in future mocks. Let me know if any of these are problematic:
** login system
** RSS feeds (news & site updates. any others?)
** search
** page keywords
** language selection (per page)
** edit page
** breadcrumb trail (maybe?)

* Additional features not on the CS requirements page:

Has much thought/discussion been done on pulling in information from subsites onto the front page? Here are some ideas I've had:

** planet GNOME mini feeds - maybe the subject lines of the most-recent posts on planet GNOME including little mini hackergotchis. ** GNOME art mini feed - most recently submitted 5 or top 5 submitted pieces of art
** bugzilla - 5 most recently fixed / opened / updated bugs
** mailing lists - (don't know if this is possible but) 5 most recently posted-to GNOME mailing lists
** CVS - most recent commits. hehe.
** IRC - top 5 most active channels with a link to instructions on how to join in
** Footnotes - subjects from the 5 most-recently updated (eg comments) posts


[1] http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWeb/NewWgoStructure
[2] http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWeb/CmsRequirements

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