i18n Plone

- Full support for multiple locales, including:

	* non-Western and right-to-left (RTL).
	RAMON :  http://www.trolltech.com/,

	* all the content users see in English can be translated, including
menus and date formats
	RAMON: All menus and structure on the web page can be managed as
dinamic content ( LinguaPlone Objects ) or as static information based
on po.

	* Different images can be published in different languages and images
(graphic.png in page.html can be substituted by graphic_DE.png in
	RAMON: You have diferent "pages" on each language so you can edit and
do whatever you want. Plone manages the translations.

- Automatic session & browser language detection.
	RAMON: You can choose cookie for language storage and browser
negotiation. You can also decide having diferent URL for different
translations, force language on URL and the possibility to create
objects on neutral language. ( 35 languages supported now )

- Automatic relation between the translations of a same page.
	RAMON: Plone manages the translations creating objects for each
translation and mantaining the relation

- Incremental page versioning and diffs.
	RAMON: CMFEditor :

- Notifications of changes in a page.
	RAMON: CMFEditor :

- Translatable URL paths.
	RAMON: no problem

- Capacity to work on the translation in language X in a non-public
environment and then publish the new translated site at once.
	RAMON: you can edit every thing on a state that is non-public and
folder by folder you can decide to publish or decide the date that it
must be published ...

- The i18n team says that native XML content or a good XML import/export
functionality is very important in order to make the wgo translations
compatible with their current workflow. (native XML is probably useful
for other things, although we haven't still evaluated this in the
context of wgo).

Not essential but quite recommendable:

- List of pages of language X with versions and translation status
compared to the English original site. It should be easy to find pages
not translated and outdated translations.
	RAMON: You can search for all pages on one language, workflow state ...
( it can be visible but not published if translation is not finished .. )

- User permissions to create/edit pages in one language only.
	RAMON: you can assign permissions to one folder ( /danish/ ) to one
grup ( danish translators )

- ? Start a new language translation on top of a copy of the original
English site, so you don't need to create again the pages and its
	RAMON: you can create a language and then if the content is not on the
language fallback to default language

One important thing is that on plone you normaly have owner, review and
manager roles. Owners are who edit, review who decide to publish and
managers.... admins :) These are the basic roles.


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