Re: GNOME Logo Branding Guidelines Concerns

Máirín Duffy wrote:

So for a while now I've been working at establishing a set of guidelines for the GNOME brand, including the GNOME logo. An issue has come up and I wanted to ask you all for your thoughts on it: The GNOME 'sublogo' guidelines [1] may be of concern with respect to the defensibility of the GNOME foot's trademark. (See discussion at [2]).

So my questions for you folks are:

(1) Are there any objections to the proposed sublogo guidelines? Do you think they are too restrictive or too permissive?

(2) Do you think the 'creative' sublogos approach is entirely more risk than it is worth? Should we just not allow for sublogos, or only allow for sublogos that use the 'stock' GNOME foot logomark?

(3) Do you think having an approval system for sublogos would be an acceptable requirement? Should we contact a lawyer to get some advice?

Discuss! :)




Hi Máirín
Thanks for working on this, it totally rocks to have something like this!
Approving sublogos sounds like a great idea, the Java GNOME logo for example hurts my eyes a bit, but the other examples works quite well.
- Andreas

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