Because you have better stuff to do than fixing your computer

Hi there!
Thomas Wood wanted some posters for LinuxWorld aimed at IT-people. The current posters in the wiki didn't quite cut it, so I wanted to do some new ones.

One thing that struck me after installing another Operating System on my girlfriends computer is how much stuff that screws up all the time. Constant troubles with viruses, trouble with devices that don't work (and not being able to find the install cd's for them) and so on. Not to talk about the time it takes to get everything up and working. It took me about a day to get everything working in order, installing all the apps like Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Reader etc. I'm not saying we're perfect (if we were we could just call it quits), but when I installed Ubuntu on my new laptop some time ago, it took me less than half a hour to install the system (just hitting return a couple of times) and then selecting Inkscape and GIMP and the other apps that I wanted in the Add/Remove applications when I was done. Dead easy.

So, I thought this theme might be cool for a poster or a campaign. If people don't like it, I'll put it on my wall above my desk to remind me why I'm a GNOME developer instead. I'm currently trying to come up with a list of stuff that I have to do on my girlfriends system that I don't need to do on mine. Hopefully the rest of you can come up with a thing or two yourself. Let's do some brainstorming people!

- Andreas

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