Re: wgo Tour: which pages?

--- Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> wrote:
> What about inserting here a page about Innovation &
> Roadmap... GNOME
> shaping its future. 

That would be good. If that was something GNOME did.

> What else? Perhaps mentioning the 10X10 and Topaz
> would make sense here
> as well. 

10x10 is a pipedream and Topaz is nothing more than a
big dump of crazy ideas on the wiki.
> Good! Now we should define how a page of the tour
> looks like. Are we
> talking about highly graphic slides with no scroll
> like a presentation
> or a Flash thing, or should we go for more
> explanatory pages with scroll

Somewhere there's a mostly CSS-based presentation
thingy. Does anyone else remember what I mean?

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