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> Catching up late in the game is sometimes
> unsettling. So here I was
> trying to grasp the spread of the tasks and FIXMEs
> and ToDo when I
> chanced upon this subtask:
> Spread GNOME -- is this an existing endeavour or
> something we're
> starting? Ask the Marketing team
> in and
> I was stuck.
> - From a read of the archives and some more reading
> (there is more to read
> that I can ever complete) on the l.g.o it seems (to
> me at least) that
> the Spread GNOME is an existing effort. So what is
> the current scope of
> this effort:
> o LUGs
> o Corporates
> o Banners
> o Stickers
> o Logo placements

Good question!

Prompted by your email, I've typed "spread gnome" into
google, and found this:

... which claims to be "restructuring".

Look at blog posts and this list's archive, the site
was launch in August of this year.
I don't remember if the site ever had any content, but
it certainly doesn't now.

I rather agree with what Quim said at the time:
I still wonder why
we need an external site to promote GNOME. To me it is
a symptom of a
GNOME and failure. The wgo revamp tries to
solve failures like
this, and I don't see what GNOME marketing could do that can't do.

So basically:

Let's plan a "spread gnome" page in our section, that
stands on its own. 
See what that does. 
Then think about whether we want to expand it to a
whole site.

That basically means it's up to us what we suggest
people can do to help market gnome: as you say, LUGs,
corporates, public organizations etc.

One thing we'll have to remember is to ask the guy who
owns to change his links
once WGO is up.

PS. Does anyone feel like updating the image we have
on, or doing a new
I don't want to offend whoever's hard work that is,
but it looks like the guy's being screamed at...

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