Re: Getting started on WGO content

--- Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
<sankarshan mukhopadhyay gmail com> wrote:
> Joachim Noreiko wrote:
> > Bear in mind that GnomeWeb/WgoGetInvolved is the
> > planning page for one of several pieces of WGO
> content
> > we have to work on.
> I sort of assumed it as such :) 

Super :)
I thought as much, but best to make sure.

> Might be good for me
> if I work in
> smaller tangible chunks

Right. Good to have both of you on the team.

I think we should follow Quim's suggestion and list
the pages we want, briefly describing their content.

Does anyone want to get started on that?
Just a rough draft or part of one will be a good
start, and we can all edit it collectively on the

Another thing to do might be to go through the page of
use cases, pick out the ones that concern this
section, and copy them to this goal's page.

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