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Claus Schwarm wrote:
It might be a good idea to look for several persons, not just for one.
The GNOME web is rather large. For example, you can't expect somebody
maintaining to take care about, too. This
is simply too much work for a single volunteer.

To be precise: this is about

I've tried to improve the content of in the past few
months as best as I can and time permits. I think I'd like to continue
doing that.

There are three aspects to the site - the content, its organisation, and the look. One person (or a small group of people) can collaborate on the site, and keep some kind of conceptual integrity to the whole lot, and I hope can avoid falling into the trap of spending too much time on the look, or on the actual content without considering the navigation. Quim asked some great questions on accessibility of content a few months ago, which might be worth rereading.

Are you looking for a maintainer of,
You should also look for maintainer of
Maintaining p.g.o should be easy
Another question is

Separate questions. I'm personally not clear on what lgo wants to be. I know Federico is interested in it, but this seems like a jfdi situation... a decent skeleton/mock-up of a would probably be welcome. pgo has a maintainer already. What is would use a maintainer - the position is up for grabs.

Making a long text short: IMO, we should try to split our webpages into
maintainable pieces, and find a maintainer for each of them.

Repeating my initial precision - we're talking about, the main public face of GNOME. It needs a lot of work - mostly in the navigation, but also in the look and the content. It urgently needs a new front page design (although the most recent one is better than the old one). People have been talking for years about having it be CMS managed - well, the door is open.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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