Re: request for auditing drupal


On Friday 21 July 2006 14:41, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Le jeudi 20 juillet 2006, à 12:46, Gergely Nagy a écrit :
> > * Friendly URLs:
> >
> > drupal uses php, and urls look like
> > With apache's mod_rewrite this can be beautified to
> > Furthermore, with a drupal module any URL can be
> > assigned to a node. This has to be manually assigned to each node.
> > (include more details if useful)
> I just want to state that is not friendly since
> nobody knows what's in the page with only the URL. The pathauto might
> help (I couldn't find an example of how it works, so I don't know).

Here's an example of pathauto in use:

That's the root of the site. These URLs were automatically constructed out of 
a pattern including the types and titles of the nodes:

You can also do things like /tags/peanuts rather than /taxonomy/term/3


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