GNOME Marketing Pages


I have done some major reworks on the wikis marketing pages. These are
not complete. Many have suggested a reorganisation but nobody was
willing or had the courage to work on it. And if one only talks about
it on a wiki generally only the wiki pages get longer.

The central start page is now at:

The current rework and the marketing pages are now discussed at:

I have created a header in that can be added
to every marketing page to ease navigation and also makes it easy to
change this header, because it is included.

I have not moved all marketing pages, because there are yet 37. The
thing is that we have tons of material and talks but no overview about
what we have.

I suggest not to talk about the wiki pages in this list but rather
talk and act in the wiki itself. I am going to do another post about
marketing in general here.


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