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> use Gnome icons or Tango icons?

Requirement: this is a GNOME 2.16 banner, it should include icons
shipped with GNOME 2.16 release.

> Also should we decide on a list of apps we'll want to include?

Proposal: let's not stick on applications but on icons we like and
enforce the "simply powerful" concept.


- gnome-power-manager is a novelty in 2.16 and has cool icons, for

- the evolution icon (clock+envelope) is cool as well

- I don't find particularly appealing the icons of Alacarte, Orca and
Tomboy. Baobab's is cooler, could add an interesting "nature" input to
the banner

These are other icons I personally like. Why don't we make a list of
candidates and then make a final selection? We could nominate Andreas as

In the gnome-icon-theme package:

- document-print
- preferences-desktop-wallpaper
- web-browser
- utilities-system-monitor
- evolution
- battery
- media-flash
- nertwork-workgroup
- image-x-generic

- applets-screenshooter
- applications-graphics
- applications-office
- user-desktop

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