Re: Internet Marketing

A few years ago -- when I considered to switch to Linux --, I looked
whether it offered all I need. Thus I searched for 'Winzip Linux

Th first search result was a post on a SUSE mailing list, leading to two
archivers. They were both out of date, and their screenshots showed an
ugly and horrible GTK 1.* interface. This made me wonder whether Linux
was not just useless piece of junk. At least, GTK 2 was already out,

The results were unchanged until recently. So, it would have been
useful if File-Roller had (a) a homepage and (b) some SEO techniques
running because how should people know to search for 'File-Roller' when
they, in fact, are looking for a replacement for Winzip under Linux?

However, it would have been also useful if these two out-of-date
projects would have disabled their homepages, showing links to
proper archivers, instead. You see, it's sometimes misleading to do

So, using a link similar to <a href="";>an
easy-to-use desktop environment for Linux and UNIX</a> is absolutely
useful for search engine users.

Additionally, the marketing mailing list has no authority on people. If
some of them consider to change their habits of linking to the GNOME
web page, this is absolutely "spontaneous". It fits your definition.


On Mon, 17 Apr 2006 13:28:44 -0300
"Santiago Roza" <santiago roza thymbra com> wrote:

> the very purpose of search engines' indexing algorithms is to show the
> real positioning of websites, based on their "spontaneous" popularity
> in relation to the search terms.
> any attempt to manipulate that positioning is not only unethical, but
> also considered cheap promotion of very bad taste.  if we want gnome
> to be listed #1 in a "desktop" search, let's just work harder and
> harder, until one day maybe people will *really* link to our website
> when talking about that.
> but until then let's try not to lie, ok?
> --
> Santiago Roza
> Departamento I+D - Thymbra
> santiago roza thymbra com

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