Re: A printed GNOME Journal for GUADEC?

/me GUADEC 2006 coordinator wanting to play safe was starting
conversations with a Spanish editor interested in becoming GUADEC Media

They would do a special number of it's bi-monthly newspaper with a
GUADEC insert that would be something like 4 newspaper-alike pages (one
sheet) for the whole edition (10.000 papers) plus 500 or so "GUADEC
program" inserted only in the magazines to be delivered in Vilanova.

Following this initial idea, they would be in charge of producing the
program (we delivering the content, of course) and they would charge

Said that, it is clear that for us is cheaper to give them a final
product in digital format that they would only need to print. They are
also happy with the idea, less problems for them. But...

If we confirm we are going to do this ourselves I'd request to have a
coordinator assuming the responsibility of the production and whipping
(or simply encouraging) :) the human resources needed to deliver
something good and on time. If you know what I'm saying.  :)

I also like the idea of producing the program/GNOME Journal ourselves,
it gives us total freedom. But it simply can't fail.

The safe deadline would be June 1st. The critical deadline would be June
15th. The editors won't compromise printing anything after that.

About number of pages, size, materials... it's our decision. I'll have
some prices by tomorrow, they say. 

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 19:53 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Bloody good idea. Is it possible to produce using all Free Software tools?

Quim Gil /// |

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