Re: "Start here" document for the live CDs

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> > How about hosting it in yelp? That's what we're doing in Ubuntu. (See
> > the ubuntu-docs package, the "About Ubuntu" item in the System menu, and
> > the front page of Yelp.)
> I'm not completely opposed, but given that this effectively is a marketing
> CD, I want to have a launcher on the desktop that is big and in-your-face
> and goes directly to it. Can I do that in yelp?

Yes, and i18n aware - see the About Ubuntu item in the System menu.

> And can I have a stylesheet that doesn't feature a flotation ring, given
> that I'm not trying to stop anyone from drowning while I'm marketing to
> them? :)

The actual documentation display doesn't include those graphics, so it's no
problem if you've got a direct link. It's probably not important to have
this stuff represented on the Yelp front page anyway.

- Jeff

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