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I'll do it, sometime this evening (probably during the board meeting).


Luis Villa a écrit :
whoohoo. so who is volunteering to get that into the wiki? :)

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Oh man, thats just capital.  Thanks!


On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 09:41:24AM -1200, Glynn Foster wrote:


There was some discussion of this last year :)

Yeah, I remembered we had it, but wasn't sure where it went. Did we
get a wiki page up? My thinking is that we could have a general list
of conferences that happen every year, and then a list (either same
place or separate) listing what the date of the next known one is,
whether or not we've contacted the organizer, what speakers we have
there, etc., etc.

Okay, found a mail that might help that was in my board-list archives.
Here's a cut and paste of the mail from Malcolm -


This involves a number of steps and I have made a start on a couple of

(1) Knowing which conferences are coming up in each area of the world
and when their paper submission dates are.

       - attached to this mail is the start of such a list (ordered by
       conference date. I need to make a similar list ordered by
       submission date). Naturally, as you can see, a number of
       submission dates have already passed by. In such cases, I have
       listed if there are any GNOME related talks being given.

       - I have concentrated on desktop-, consumer- and
       developer-related conferences. There are other conferences at
       which GNOME talks have been given (e.g. Daniel Veillard's
       presentation at XML Europe last year) but which are more of a
       niche market and which require particular speakers to give
       effective talks.

       - This list is far from complete. Can people send me any other
       conferences they know about (including submission deadlines
       and/or a website so I can scrounge out the info and monitor
       things). In particular, I have nothing for any South American
       countries and nothing for Spain, although both areas had
       conferences last year, if I recall correctly. I suspect there
       are a couple of British (particularly London-based) conferences
       that I have missed. I am also not going to be surprised if I
       have missed a number of significant European and North American
       summer conferences.

       - In 2004, we need to also be looking at 2005 conferences.
       Submission deadlines are months in advance of the conference, so
       by around mid-2004 we (the entire GNOME community) are going to
       have to have got our act together for conferences in the first
       couple of months of 2005.

(2) Contacting GNOME volunteers and user groups in the appropriate areas
to see if they can help out with demonstration stands and giving talks,

(3) Preparing a kit to help kickstart such demonstrations.
       - There have been posts to various mailing lists over the past
       few years about what people have learnt when helping out at a
       GNOME stand at conferences. I am trying to track down all of

       - We need to have something like a HOWTO available for people
       who want to do this kind of stuff. Possible also a HOWTO for
       somebody wanting to give a talk about GNOME to the general
       population. Sometimes it is just a matter of giving people ideas
       of what they can talk about and convincing them that it is not
       such a big job, since the people they are talking to may know
       very little about GNOME.

(4) Complete this list. Currently it only contains three significant
points. There are probably more.

See attached -

     12 - 17:
             - (or
             - Adelaide, Australia
             - much GNOME (and peripherally related) involvement: James
               Henstridge, Malcolm Tredinnick, Jeff Waugh, Havoc
               Pennington, Keith Packard, Glynn Foster spread between the
               main conference and a couple of the preceding

     20 - 23: LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
             - New York, USA

     3 - 5: Linux Solutions
             - Paris, France
             - costs € for exhibition space.

     9 - 12: O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
             - San Diego, USA
             - too late for this year. Keep in mind for 2005 conference.

     11 - 13: Linux Asia
             - New Delhi, India
             - speaker registration closes Jan 22, 2004 (?? - maybe).

     21 - 22: FOSDEM
             - Brussels, Belgium
             - Bill Haneman speaking about GOK, Robert Love speaking about
               Kernel and Desktop.

     8 - 10: Asia Open Source Software Symposium
             - Hanoi, Vietname

     17 - 19: Open Standards/Open Source for National and Local eGovernment
              Programs in the U.S. and EU
             - Washington DC, USA
             - Bill Haneman et al speaking about accessibility, Leila
               Chucri talking about the Sun desktop, Nat Friedman on the
               Enterprise Linux Desktop
     ???????: California State University, Northridge Conference on
              Technology and Disabilities (CSUN)

     13 - 15: Real World Linux
             - Toronto, Canada
             - submission date for 2004 is past (was 15 Nov 2003).
             - Desktop usage is one area they look at. Audience is
               management and senior technology professionals.

     2 - 4: LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
             - Tokyo, Japan

     7 - 9: EuroPython
             - Göteborg, Sweden.
             - Talk submission deadline currently unclear

     28 - 30: GVADEC
             - Kristiansand, Norway
             - talks due by Feb 1, 2004.

     27 - 02 (Jul): Freenix and UseLinux conferences
             - Boston, USA
             - paper submissions deadlines have passed (was 16 Dec 2003).

     21 - 24: Ottawa Linux Symposium
             - Ottawa, Canada
             - last year, GNOME-related talks from Luis, Jody, Nat,
               Havoc and Jim (Freedesktop BOF).
             - abstracts due sometime in January 2004.

     26 - 30: O'Reilly Open Source Convention
             - proposals due Feb 9, 2004
             - Edd Dumbill has a list of ideas for presentations at

     ???: UKUUG Summer Conference
             - Leeds (?)
             - abstracts due 12 March 2004

     2  - 5: Linux World San Francisco

     24 - 26: Linux World Beijing

     29 - 3 (Sep): Australian Unix Users Group (AUUG) Annual Conference
             - Melbourne, Australia
             - abstracts for tutorials and main conference due 7 May 2004.

     25 - 27: Linux World Germany

             - ???, Australia

Bangalore conference repeat (from December 2003)

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
     - Hong Kong
     - dates and details unknown (was in November in 2003)

     - In 2003, was held in Karlsruhe, Germany from 10 - 13 July.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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