Re: OSCON Booth planning..

On 7/15/05, Sriram Ramkrishna <sri aracnet com> wrote:
> Just an update on the OSCON booth.
> I think pretty much everything is ready logistically (we have about
> 3 for sure, and five if things work out)  But I need a little help
> in locating the GNOME poster that I think was last headed out to
> California last year.  If not, we need to come up with one. :-)
> Secondly:
> * I'd like to sell some t-shirts if possible

I don't think we have any quite yet. Next year, definitely :/ [But
someone else should feel to correct me.]

> * I'm also trying to see if I can get a GNOME Live CD included in
>   the conference packet that is given out to all the attendees.
>   That will allow us to distribute GNOME conference wide.

This sounds great.

>   I need to determine if they agree to distribute it, how many they
>   will need and when.  Would it be possible to press say 1-2K cds?

I got this done on about 4 working days notice for LWE, including
couriered delivery. If the conference starts on Aug. 1st, that means
we need to decide by roughly the 25th (22nd would be better.) Cost
would be fairly high- somewhere in the neck of $1.1K for 2K CDs, which
might be a problem. We can of course put OSCON content on the CD if
they want to defer our costs.

> I'll look into trying to get an automated demo going because
> last year I find that people aren't interested in doing hands on
> approach to playing with GNOME.  A nice little automated demo will
> show things nicely.

Hrm. I'd like to play with this, but I can promise nothing in this
time frame. Did you have any ideas on how you wanted to do it?


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