Re: Status update


Luis Villa wrote:
> The suggestion I made on the marketing list (where this thread should
> really be continued :) was 'the desktop of choice', which ties in
> strongly both to our choice/openness message, and to the message we
> should be pushing, which is that we have been chosen by companies
> (Sun, Red Hat, Novell, etc.) and governments (Spain, Brazil, etc.)
> around the world.

I still like the "Software for everybody" message. It also
incorporates our efforts in l10n, a11y, u9y (?), as well as the
sense of community, and the freedom and choice aspects of GNOME.

Perhaps we need a bake-off...


David Neary,
E-Mail: dneary free fr
Tél: 04 72 33 95 35

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