Re: media files


c. schwarm wrote:
> If there's no MP3 on the LiveCD, people will just double-click the audio
> file icon to find out if their audio card works (or start Rhythmbox to find
> something in there).

OK - this is a reasonable point. People don't care about file
formats, in general, so chances are that unless they are browsing
the web, and try to open an mp3, they won't come across the
issue. As far as a LiveCD is concerned, we might get away with

> For those users that will try to open an existing MP3/WMV/Wahtever on their
> data partition,

Or more likely from a website...

> it would be sufficient to explain the situation with a
> dialog, wouldn't it? Sort of a "dead end" application, linked with the
> propriatery mime types.

You really do overestimate the amount of time a user will spend

Users don't read the manual. Users don't read dialogs. If you
flash a dialog up, chances are that it will be dismissed in
under a second.

> Example text:

Alternative text: "MP3 is evil. Ogg is good."

> The application may even have a start menu or desktop entry on the real
> installation CD which adds those inofficial sources to apt, and updates from
> the internet.

Getting codecs on demand would be good...


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
   E-Mail: bolsh gimp org

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