Re: media files

> thus far.  Is it more important to distribute software that can play 
> patent-encumbered and proprietary formats, or is it more important to 
> showcase free software?  Or is the goal something completely different?

In my opinion, the main goal is to showcase the platform and get people
to switch on the spot or in the future.  We want to impress, excite, and
alleviate the FUD.

Re: mp3s.  I think there are two questions here:

(1) Do we include software that plays mp3s?  If legal, I think we
certainly should. (Remember that people have MP3s on CDs, external
harddrives, and network shares, so some people will try to play an mp3
even if we don't supply one on the CD.  Or how about Internet radio
streams in mp3 format?)

(2) if yes to 1, do we include an actual mp3 file?  Again I'd say yes,
because I think demonstrating support for the de facto standard is more
important than idealism in this case.  We only have an audience for a
few minutes, let's keep our message simple.

Hmmm, best of both worlds: we include an OGG file and rename it
MP3... ;)


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