Re: lucasr's blog comments..

En/na Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay ha escrit:

> Through the passage of time, GNOME Bug responses have become far more
> cooler and rational than earlier times. Perhaps we need to do more...

There is a good advance in the use of friendly encapsulated answers like
he ones already collected at

I think someone familiar with bugzilla and MarketingTeam could have a
look at them, they are quite good but perhaps there is place for
improvements. For instance:


This bug report isn't very useful because it doesn't describe the bug

could say something like

In order to solve this bug we need from you a more detailed description....

These improvements can be made by a single person in one hour or less.
Other responses can be added as log as we miss them, ina  matter of
minutes. This goes in the direction of optimisation lucasr mentioned: we
make users happier by working less ourselves.

Quim Gil -

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