lucasr's blog comments..

Has anybody looked at the 14 comments responding to Lucas's blog regarding

They are quite interesting and what a lot of people have issues with are:

* developer attitudes in bugzilla, for instance by Alan Horkan:

 "I don't know about anyone else but I get really pissed off and 
  discouraged by the way most bug reports and requests get closed 
  with very little explanation."

  Alan goes on to give a decent suggestion:

  "Developers could do a lot more to encourage people on how to
  do things the right way, and learn to provide something more to
  their liking rather than berating people for not magically knowing
  how they like to do things. It is not like most developers have
  clear documentation on how they like things done and what bugs
  are beyond the scope of their work or available resources)."

Not all of us have the persistence or time to do social engineering
with developers to get enough traction to have developers listen to

Developers, potential developers, and non-technical contributors
are the group of people that create momentum users or are momentum
users themselves.  The fact that people seem to think we don't even
have basic civility is an issue.

Now, I don't suggest we do attitude adjustments to module owners,
but we could be "user advocates" and participate in bugzilla and
help both developers and users.

Since some of us are known to the developers as people who have an
understanding of what we want to accomplish we can help a lot by
trying to come to an amicable middle solution.

I know this is something I can do and will try to volunteer a portion
of my time to help be a user advocate.  People in GNOME-Love could
also be good advocates.



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