Web 2.0 Marketing

Web 2.0 Marketing

I don't know who is this guy but he seems to be a marketing professional
talking about someting that matters to projects like GNOME, so let's
check his list of recommendations to see how are we doing around them,
if only as a Sunday morning exercise comparable with the crosswords of
the Sunday newspaper:

> Remember you're part of a community.

Although we remember this, in a practical sense we deal only well with
our very internal community. We have a poor contact with the GNOME
userbase and have almost no solid plans to deal with huge regions of he
free software community and most of the non-free software users. IMO the
gnome.org revamp is the biggest chunk of the solution, converting our
site in the surface as welcoming and interactive as it is in the very
core (wiki, bugzilla, mailing lists).

> Strike a balance between authentication and anonymity.

In general terms I think we are ok on this. Being able to open some very
specific channels to non-registered users could be useful, though. i.e.
specific wiki pages or a specific web forum with human moderation beind
and prepared to be (also) flammed and spammed. Not urgent, I think.

> Have some institutional guts.

We are fit on this, afaik.

> Avoid spin.

Mmm... due to the lack of marketing purposes in most of the GNOME
communication channels, we are good on this. We need to make sure we
don't sart making mistakes in this sense if we start increasing our
marketing communication.

> Examine your motives.

We're trying, at least.

> Get ready to work.

We're used to it.

My Sundary morning conclusion to this quizz is tha gnome.org revamp
should be assumed as one of the main practical objectives the Marketing
Team should have for 2006. The discussion is being held in
gnome-web-list and http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWeb , and members of this
list are being active there. This is good. I would officialise this, so
people currently in the Marketing Team and people joining us know for
sure that this one of our priorities, like the MarketingPersonas project.

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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