Re: Idea for getting user feedback

Hola Luis,

En/na YetZero ha escrit:
> Right now I'm
> sitting here reading your suggestions and trying to figure out what to
> do.

We can help on this.  :)

Suggestion: go to
pick the splash you prefer ToDo and show it once is done. If it looks
good it may end up in the homepage, which is not a bad
contribution to start with.

If you find this just plain boring suggest something (small) you would
really want to do soon).

But agreed, we would need a system to help people knowing what needs to
be done in a way they see how to help. This is why I tried to help
addressing in my first contribution to the MarketingTeam - - but I failed for
being too ambitious. I had to start with a smaller objective, and this
is something we should insist to newbies.

> Well, that was my feedback, from a teenage designer point of view.
> Thanks for your time!

Very interesting feedback and thanks to you for your time. I agree in
all your points, that are mainly my points as well. You can subscribe to
gnome-web-list and observe/make changes in

Actually you could add this very same feedback at the end of this wiki
page, so you are sure it won't get lost as easy as in a mailing list's

Quim Gil -

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