Idea for getting user feedback

Hi team,

I would like to get your feedback on a suggestion for a simple way to
address our need for user feedback.

Let us create the site, and make it a base for all
our customer intelligence gathering.

A top-level link would be to, for straight bug
reporting (perhaps providing a few pre-prepared queries?).

But now, what would be the other top-level links?  Do we seriously think

would do the trick?

I don't.  Of course, if we had a better system, we would also need a
team to monitor and ACT ON the incoming intelligence.  If this idea is
implemented I will volunteer to be on the team.  I see it as essentially
a triaging task.

I think we also need to have

where people can register as a GNOME user, tell us about themselves,
answer a few (few!) well-chosen questions and have a chance to opt in to
receiving further questions, perhaps by email.  

I will try to mock up the HTML for what I have in mind, but I have no
host.  Could anyone provide a space on their WWW server for a test page?

A token incentive would be helpful.  How much would it cost, in terms of
both money and effort to provide registered users with a
username gnome org mail alias?  I don't mean an actual email account,
just a way of forwarding to their other email adress(es).  I'm not sure
if this is the best idea for incentivising potential respondents.  It
would sure help the feeling of belonging to a community though!


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