Re: gnome desktop personas - my very first draft

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 12:18:06 +1300
John Williams <john williams lists gmail com> wrote:

> Sorry to butt in here, but I am not sure of the value of this exercise.
> Everyone and his dog seem to have a quite clear idea of the "segments"
> in GNOME's "market".  But how do we know they are real in any sense?
> You could point to your own personal experience, but I could tell you
> that my personal experience is different.

I'm not sure about these personas, too, but I'm quite sure that we have
a communication problem on the ml: Our current status is 'Go out and
pray'. This is nice, of course, but makes everybody run in different

These personas will hopefully help us to focus.


P.S.: Example: Instead of running in different directions called
'users', 'developers', and 'distributions', we should concentrate
on users _and_ developers _and_ distributions of scintific applications
in 2006; with something else following in 2007 and 2008. 

 Msg:   A bit of GNOME'iness won't hurt! 
 Idea:  To convince people that the ideas driving GNOME
        (ie. HIG and Gobject stuff) are good for them. 
 Tasks: Establish marketing workflow for GNOME, ie. means to
        extend the number of developers, an advocate army, and
        internal capacities (ie. a proper PHP website).

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