Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?

Hi Claus,

Claus Schwarm wrote:
  * No 'exclusive' influence on developers or product decisions. Even
    the board is unable to do that.

Ahem. The board *shouldn't* do that. Not the same thing.

We are a sub-group of the GNOME project. If we have some suggestions for Nautilus, backed up with real user feedback, I am sure we will have more weight than any old Joe Bloggs. We haven't tested the theory yet, though.

Activity on mailing lists and bugzilla is the best way to do that. And getting to know the developers involved :)

    there's not even a way to gain a reputation for
    making good product suggestions.

Unlike wikipedia, GNOME favours credentials over consensus. Gaining a reputation for making good product suggestions will come from (guess what?) making good product suggestions.

  * There's no way to break to circle: No data -> No target (market) ->
    No data -> ....

We have lots of data. Every GNOME release, we get data. So far, we've simply had no way to analyse, synthesis and transmit that data to the people who need to get it. This is the most important job the marketing community must do - not talking to people outside GNOME about what's happening inside, but the other way around. Making sure the right people inside GNOME are getting feedback from people who aren't using Bugzilla.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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