Re: GNOME motto brainstorming

What about a permutative family of mottos, suggesting a common character
with subtile differences of personality, according to our diverse targets?

To give practical examples, Camel and Absolut Vodka play this kind of
games (going too far for my taste).

The permutation is based on four elements that alone could be associate

freedom - peace - harmony - love

This brings four primary elements:

freedom for your computer

harmony for your computer

peace for your computer

love for your computer

As a GNOME user I find this already interesting, but then come the

harmony and freedom for your computer

love and freedom for your computer

peace and love for your computer

harmony and peace for your computer

peace and freedom for your computer

love and harmony for your computer

Some sound more zen, other more political, other more hippy, other more
pop... Each combination could be complemented by diffrent combined
colors, non explicit graphics, subtile different fonts...

It would be possible to combine the "computer" part, going for
"desktop", "PC" or even "Apple" etc depending of the target.

Quim Gil -

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