Re: GNOME motto brainstorming

On Sun, 2005-12-04 at 05:08 +0100, Quim Gil wrote:
> It would be possible to combine the "computer" part, going for
> "desktop", "PC" or even "Apple" etc depending of the target.

Perhaps in the spirit of the whole discussion about lifestyle marketing,
and placing the user with the product. Perhaps broaden the scope of the

(love) and (freedom) for your digital life
(love) and (freedom) for your digital self
(love) and (freedom) for your life
(love) and (freedom) for you

Not sure about it though.

Also i'm actually a big fan of the word "love" in combination with
GNOME. (such as the "GNOME love day")
as far as i know it's rarely seen in combination with IT products, and
has quite a WEB 2.0-esque feel about it (social/sharing/love/hippie
instead of many shades of gray and objective information).
If the web 2.0 feel is actually interesting to capture since it's mostly
a internet hype i'm not sure really sure about.

Another thing i thought about when reading your mail was one of those
unicode jokes.

(image of hart) your (gnome foot logo)
(image of smilie) your (gnome foot logo)

But perhaps that's been done to death, and isn't really interesting
since it can't be captured to text.

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