Re: 2.12 press release quotes

> Hi,
> Are these quotes representative of what we stand for, though?
> I'd like someone to say "we're proud of the work that this community has
> done, and proud of this release, which is the result of that work."
> Frankly, I don't think the community is too bothered about the fact that
> we added new features (mentioned twice) so much as having worked
> together to arrive at a result we're proud of.

Sure. Please suggest a complete quote.

> Cheers,
> Dave.
> Murray Cumming wrote:
>> So, time is up, and I have no alternatives yet. Do you object to the
>> following? I'll delay translation for 24 hours.
>> "GNOME 2.12 brings greater consistency and looks better than ever," said
>> Owen Taylor, chairman of the GNOME Foundation's board, "There are useful
>> new features throughout the desktop, carefully implemented to increase
>> usability while keeping GNOME simple and intuitive."
>> "In the past 6 months, we again finished important improvements for
>> users, administrators, and developers," said Elijah Newren, GNOME's
>> release manager, "Our community is already eager to start work on
>> yet more features that will become stable over the next half year."
>> As usual, improvements are welcome, but this time, let's avoid
>> overloading the quotes to mention every single talking point. We have
>> the rest of the press release and release notes for that.
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