reorg'd release notes, one request for xsl stylesheet guru-ness

I've put a cut at some reorged release notes here:

The main rewriting was on the first page, but I reorged the other
pages. I'll try to make another pass at these tomorrow, but in the
meantime please feel free to read over/critique. If there is consensus
that this is better, I'll check them in tomorrow night.

One stylistic thing I'd really like to get changed- every image in
these has a <b>Figure 1.
picture-name-which-is-often-the-same-as-the-section-name </b> above
the picture. Can someone with xsl guruness make these blocks more like
in davyd's release notes:

i.e., no uber-formal-totally-uninformative 'Figure X', and italicized
below the image, instead of bolded above the image?

I am using the xsl bits in:

to generate the stuff, so that is what the changes would have to be to.


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