Re: In need for some text for a poster

I thought I'd give the text one more "native speaker" parse, to make
sure it sounds natural to a native English speaker:


Do you, like many others, fight an endless battle against spyware, worms
and viruses?
Are you worried about whether your budget can stand the cost of the next
software upgrade?
Do you have the feeling that your software vendor doesn't care about
You know, things like that don't make your everyday life better.

With the GNOME Desktop, your troubles are over.
It's secure, more virus-resistant, and its developers aren't trying to
lock you into their product. You can choose from a wide variety of GNOME
software vendors to get the support and features that suit your needs.

Welcome to GNOME -- the Official Desktop of Happy People!


I also suggest we make all occurences of "GNOME" and "Desktop" in the
paragraph bold, as well as "" at the bottom of the poster.

Overall, I really like it! :)


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