Re: GNOME deployments

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 19:57:36 +0100
Toady <toady gscore org> wrote:

> I'm not sure about this, really. Linux can be download from internet, 
> and people providing software should (must?) deliver services too (
> yes, us ;) ).
> All right, if Novel/Sun or RedHat installed, they might fit.
> I think we can tell them to go knock on those companies' doors maybe. 
> But we must have a list (something like: find your Gnome support near
> you).

Yes, making a list was also my first idea. On the other hand, did
you ever heard of a company specialized in GNOME support? I never, so
the only possible option would be to compile a list of local Linux
support companies.

I don't know any company in my local town that supplies Linux support,
simply because I never needed such services.

Additonally, compiling such a list needs a lot of participants. Maybe
the best way to get this going is to suggest the idea to local GNOME
groups? If they think, it's worthwhile for their country, maybe
they'll do it?

> It's not our responsability.
> However, we can provide documentation for the Gnome that _WE_ provide.

Well, the only time I looked at the GNOME user guide I found it
surprisingly informative. Unfortunatly, it is buried in the GNOME
webpages somehow.

If one finds it, one will just wonder about the Sun copyright, the LEGAL
NOTICE AND LICENCE, and the very loooong table of contents. ;)

But who likes to read man pages, anyway ?  :D

> Yeah, but the issue remains, so I repeat the question :)
> -> "How can people learn to use Gnome ?"
> (and for developers, I see to way to get started developing with Gnome
> (no no, isn't good enough to get started I 
> think))

s/to way/no way/, I guess. :)

Well, you're learning GNOME just like you learnt using Windows: By
experimentating with it / using it. This presupposes a running Linux /
GNOME installation near you, and maybe a friend nearby.

This is one of the central reasons for the university outreach project,
which we discussed recently, here on the list.

And the state of the development documentation has been discussed
several times elsewhere. I don't think, the marketing list is the
appropriate place to start the discussion, again. ;)



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