GNOME deployments

Hi all,

As I said a couple of days ago, I have started filling out the
list of GNOME deployments which we may be able to use in case
studies, informational documents and posters:

This is still a work in progress. Notably missing are more
articles describing the Sao Paolo deployment (the how and why of
their decision) and also Extramadura and Andalucia. 

I found another interesting GNOME deployment in a surprising
place - on a GNOME mailing list I didn't know existed, 

The primary purpose of the list is to help people deploy GNOME,
as opposed to tell people about GNOME deployments, but a year
ago, this arrived on the list:

It tells the story of a medium sized Belgian company who almost
completely abandoned Windows in favour of Debian machines running
GNOME. The full details of the deployment, including the
pre-migration analysis and the complete migration procedure, are
available on the website of the Brussels LUG:

Their computing environment now runs over 65% of their desktop
machines on GNU/Linux with GNOME, with estimated savings to the
company of E22000.

Their main reason for migrating was not cost, however - it was a
requirement for document interoperability. OOo solved this
problem nicely, and Evolution and a free IMAP server allowed them 
to completely remove any Microsoft dependencies they had.


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
   E-Mail: bolsh gimp org

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