Re: GNOME deployments

Claus Schwarm a écrit:

Now I got questions, I think it's quite something but I still can give

hum, s/can/can't/

answers to that when I hear people/companies:
- What kind of support for Gnome they can have (who should they ask, pay... ?)
- How can they learn using Gnome (a "Gnome for dummies" book ?) ?
- How did the success story became a success : what kind of people to hire ? how they convinced the local authorities ? where did they get
the money for ?

To me, I got no real answers to that. How can we make this becoming clear as crystal for folks ? (a nice web page talking about it ?)

Indeed, very interesting questions. I never thought about it this way.
It might be worth discussing.

1.) Most institutional users would get GNOME support by their Linux
   vendor, I guess (RedHat, Sun, Novell, or a local one).

I'm not sure about this, really. Linux can be download from internet, and people providing software should (must?) deliver services too ( yes, us ;) ).
All right, if Novel/Sun or RedHat installed, they might fit.
I think we can tell them to go knock on those companies' doors maybe. But we must have a list (something like: find your Gnome support near you).

2.) It's quite hard to make such a book - JDS still uses GNOME 2.2
   (or used until recently, I believe). How can you educate
   users/ office workers about GNOME when there are up to four versions
   in the wild?

Nice issue hey ? :)

   Such a book is complicated because of the different vendor versions
   of GNOME, too. Are you going to explain all the little differences
   between JDS, RedHat's GNOME, Novell's GNOME, etc... to users?
   Probably not.

It's not our responsability.
However, we can provide documentation for the Gnome that _WE_ provide.

   Additionally, I'm not a book vendor but I guess it take a few years
   to sell a complete edition of a book. A GNOME book would be outdated
   soon after it was published.

And maybe no customers... I don't know.

   How to educate a large number of users is still an unsolved problem,
   and the costs associated with it is probably the largest barrier to
   Linux adoption.

Yeah, but the issue remains, so I repeat the question :)
-> "How can people learn to use Gnome ?"

(and for developers, I see to way to get started developing with Gnome (no no, isn't good enough to get started I think))

3.) I'm not sure if I understood your remarks, here. Whom do you mean by
   "local authorities"? The management?

Politicians, management, whatever people our have to talk to/convince.


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