Re: CD policy OT [was Re: Example media files]

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> > Currently in discussion for Ubuntu. Putting it in Gnoppix may be seen as
> > an endorsement of Mono by GNOME, yada yada.
> Heh. If that's the line gnoppix is going to draw, there is a whole lot
> that has to go away, no? OOo? Firefox? (Hell, presumably everything py-*,
> if we were to ship a 2.8 CD?)

Well, I don't think removing OOo or Firefox would make sense, but if the
goal is to use it as a tool for pimping GNOME, then all of the GNOME stuff
should be included and used by default.

- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia      
     GDK (acronym): GNU's Not Unix Image Manipulation Program Tool-Kit

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