Re: LiveCD Media Project

On Mon, 06 Dec 2004 13:50:23 -0500, Ian McIntosh
<ian_mcintosh linuxadvocate org> wrote:
> > Can they do this anyway with the live CD?
> Umm, err, good point. :)
> > I'd hope we can ship with it; whether or not we can I hope we demo
> > something else. (I'd also note that I didn't think we were aiming at
> > end-users here, but marketing/media types.) At any rate, if we think
> > we can squeeze more than one CC CD track on, maybe just one of each is
> > the Right Thing.
> Yeah, ideally I'd like to ship with at least one MP3 and at least one
> OGG.  That's why I was thinking that maybe we should cut each track down
> to one meg or so.

Well, like I said, we have to talk to the gnoppix folks, but I'm
really hoping that if we do intend to make this a gnome marketing CD,
we can nuke the non-gnome-y windows programs (firefox, openoffice,
pdfcreator, thunderbird) from the CD and not worry so much about space


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