Re: Holidays in different countries

yes, Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday.

Generally most holidays in Ireland go by the term "Bank Holiday".

AFAIK some are in exchange for old religiuos holidays - like 1st Monday in August Bank Holiday replaces the old August 15th holiday. 1st Monday in June replaces Pentacost (I think). This way workers get a "long weekend".

Another thing to take into conderation is that holidays will vary over time. For example as part of new pay agreements between unions representing the different categories of workers and the government. This means that not only do different categories of workers have different days off but also that it will change over time. As far as I can recall this is how things work in Italy.


Roozbeh Pournader ha scritto:
On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 09:46 +0100, Peter Nugent wrote:

wouldn't CLDR be a good place to try to gather this data ?

Well, I was thinking of playing with the idea a little before coming
with a concrete proposal for CLDR. It should finally go into the CLDR,

- another consideration is that some parts of the workforce get certain days off that others don't, see the Ireland data below

Well, I am mostly thinking about creating some infrastructure for these
kind of stuff. If a certain day is off for some people but not others,
one should be able to specify these days easily. Holidays are sometimes
even different for individuals working in the same office.

Good Friday (but only for public service and certain sections of industry)

Is this the Friday before Easter?

Easter Monday (Monday after Easter Sunday)

Well, I guess I am seeing a new pattern in some holidays. There are some
holidays that make a few days after and before them also holidays.

if any of the holidays above fall on a Saturday or Sunday then the public holiday becomes the first non holiday following that date. so if Dec 25th,26th are Sat and Sun then Dec 27th and 28th become the public holiday.

This is a new pattern I'm seeing in some other countries also (like
Hungary): Countries may have some custom rule to exchange holidays or
working days around. The hardest problem is naming these new holidays.
Ireland doesn't call them Christmas day, does it?


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