Re: Holidays in different countries

wouldn't CLDR be a good place to try to gather this data ?

in any case this is probably not an easy task
- another consideration is that some parts of the workforce get certain days off that others don't, see the Ireland data below - you're right differnet parts of countries have different public holidays i.e. in Milan dec 7th is a public holiday as it St. Ambrose's day but not in other part of Italy.

here's the situation in Ireland :

January 1st
March 17th (St Patrick's day)
Good Friday (but only for public service and certain sections of industry)
Easter Monday (Monday after Easter Sunday)
First Monday in May (May bank holiday)
First Monday in June (June bank holiday)
First Monday in August (August bank holiday)
Last Monday in October (October bank holiday)
Christmas Day (25th DEcember)
St.Stephen's Day (26th December)

if any of the holidays above fall on a Saturday or Sunday then the public holiday becomes the first non holiday following that date. so if Dec 25th,26th are Sat and Sun then Dec 27th and 28th become the public holiday.

hope this helps

Roozbeh Pournader ha scritto:
I am trying to write some code to automatically create a list of
official/public Iranian holidays, and I was wondering if that could be
extended for other countries/locales, something that may become useful
in GNOME or other free desktops.

What I have came to, is that holidays are usually either a fixed date in
a calendar (Shawwal 1 in every Islamic year is a holiday in many Muslim
countries, Eid ul-Fitr), or use simple combinations of weekdays and
calendars (fourth Thursday in November is a holiday in the United
States, Thanksgiving). There are also weekly holidays (every Sunday in
most countries of the world).

I also know that holidays may vary in different parts of a certain
country/territory. Different states in the US have different holidays,
for example.

But I am mostly ignorant of the whole picture. So, I am asking about

I would appreciate it if you could please tell me about the pattern
holidays follow in your country. Please email me privately. I will try
to round up the information and post it to the pages for the giulia
(a.k.a. gnome locale) project.


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